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B2B sales & marketing specialization

Best-in-Class User Experience

Front-end user & senior management CRM adoption

Sales Pipeline

Intuitive opportunity management & real-time dashboards

CRM & ERP Integration

2-way CRM and ERP quote synchronization

Customer 360°

One Stop Customer Summary : Key Contacts, Pipeline, Open Quotes, Sales & Service History

B2B Marketing Automation

Email marketing, digital customer journeys, website & social media tracking, marketing analytics

Complex Organization Alignment

Organizational mapping : product divisions, business units, geography region

Agile Implementation

SCRUM driven systems development & deployment

Clean Master Data

Customers, Prospects, Contacts, Data Standardization, Normalization & Deduplication



Salesforce Certificates


Years of Sales Experience


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Why choose Max ASP for your CRM Implementation?

At Max ASP, we develop innovative CRM consulting solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Our expertise in leveraging data drives your business to exponential growth by optimizing your CRM system for maximum efficiency and solid results through smart data management, custom object implementation, and intelligent automation.

With a user-centric approach, we focus not only on your front-end users in sales, marketing and service, but also on your management team. With our CRM-driven sales and marketing automation, you can connect with your target customers, build a high-value pipeline, and nurture lasting customer relationships. Enjoy the ease of making informed decisions and tracking performance with our comprehensive reports and interactive dashboards that give you real-time actionable insights.

We support your team with thorough user training for new CRM tools to ensure proficiency and ease of use. With our rollout and hypercare services, you can look forward to a seamless transition with minimal disruption and maximum user adoption, ensuring smooth operations and ongoing support.

We Seek to understand, then to be understood

Obstacles in the process and in operation? We understand.

Navigating the challenges of a CRM system can indeed be more of a headache than a benefit. At Max ASP, we not only understand the intricacies of such issues, we ingeniously transform them into streamlined workflows that enable seamless implementation and deliver proven results.

Data management can be overwhelming. But not anymore.
Our careful handling of data ensures it’s organized, pristine, and easily accessible so you can make market and customer decisions with confidence.

Have you ever felt trapped in CRM troubleshooting?
Our Salesforce-certified team excels at testing and troubleshooting. This significantly reduces downtime and optimizes efficiency, allowing your team to focus more on customer relationships than technical issues.

Agile isn’t just a buzzword. It’s our methodology
Our experience with agile methodologies ensures that your CRM system can quickly and easily adapt to market fluctuations without compromising quality and efficiency.

Transparent stakeholder relationships – a basic requirement for a successful company.
Not only do we provide a clear overview of progress and results throughout the CRM implementation, but we also ensure that all stakeholders are involved every step of the way.

Real-time insights: because waiting is not an option.
Say goodbye to waiting for important reports and make data-driven decisions with ease – thanks to our up-to-the-minute insights and dashboards.

Underestimated yet so important – documentation and process mapping.
We’ll make sure your CRM processes are carefully documented to make it easy for your team to follow best practices.

Post-implementation concerns? We’ll take care of them.
Our comprehensive support and maintenance service ensures you have a reliable partner for all your future needs and concerns, and keeps your post-implementation journey smooth and secure.

Contact our CRM team for a free consultation and live demo of Salesforce CRM features.