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Inside Sales: Your Gateway for Global Growth

Lead Generation, Direct Sales & Partner Development

New Customer Acquisition, Existing Customer Transactional Sales, Partner Network Growth

Multi-Lingual & Global Target Market Coverage

Native language speakers, all geographies, rapid target customer coverage

Performance Driven

Clear business, sales & KPI objectives, real-time measurement dashboards

Sales Collaboration

Embedded into your running sales organization, sales team collaboration is vital

CRM & Data Led

Best-in-Class CRM and clean data are critical success factors

Focused Talent Acquisition & Development

Ability to hire talent across international markets and best-in-class development

Why Our Clients Choose Max ASP

Multi-Native Language Coverage
Annual Client Sales Impact
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Inside Sales Global Coverage

Max ASP champions a ‘Follow-the-Sun’ operating model, ensuring a 24-hour global coverage for our clients. Our day commences in Asia, cascades through the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) time zones, and concludes in North and Latin America.

Situated in Ulm, Southern Germany, our headquarters – home to over 100 dedicated professionals – anchors our global operations. Our significant presence extends to Kuala Lumpur, a vital hub providing multilingual support across various Asia Pacific markets. Additionally, our budding hub in Charlotte, North America, signals our growth and expansion in the region. Although the majority of our inside sales operations for the Americas are currently managed from our Ulm office, our strategic roadmap encompasses fortifying in-region operational hubs in both Charlotte and São Paulo in the medium term.

Central to our international hub strategy is our steadfast commitment to providing native language capability, which we deem critical for ensuring authentic local market customer engagement and interaction.


Max ASP operates on foundational principles that emphasize simplicity and precision. Our approach hinges on cohesive team dynamics, mutual collaboration, and unified sales objectives.

We recognize the pivotal role that our clients’ Field Sales teams play in their sales framework. As the demands and intricacies of the Field Sales role amplify, especially in handling key account customers, there emerges a need for dedicated care and business development. Enter Max ASP’s Inside Sales team. We offer specialized sales and account management support, emphasizing high-frequency transactional sales. By collaborating with their Field Sales counterparts at crucial junctures, our Inside Sales experts pinpoint high-value prospects and open doors for the Field Sales units.

When venturing into territories with scattered potential customers, Max ASP stands out. We quickly broaden market reach, producing top-tier leads and expanding the sales pipeline for our client organizations.

Adam Lamont-Brown

Founder & Managing Director

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